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Let's Face it...Hot water is a daily requirement....


We look at hot water as a nesscesity and as such beleive there is not much we can do about the cost of our hot water needs. But there is!


Typical tank and instant water heaters are 60%-75% efficient. We offer water heaters that are 96% efficient and deliver plenty of hot water hour after hour. We also offer heat pump water heaters that operate at 1/4th the cost of heating with propane gas or electricity.


In fact we installed our system in one of the premeir hotels in Los Cabos, saving them over 80% of their previous annual commercial laundry hot water costs.


We also promote solar water heaters for use in swimming pools and residences to augment the costs incurred by traditional fossil fuel heaters.


We promote residential and commercial products built by Rheem, Bosch, Bradford White and Airhot....And a number of solar waters heaters for homes or swimming pools.


We also offer hot water delivery systems that require no additional plumbing. Yes, no plumbing, and instant hot water anywhere in your home.


Contact us for a complementary consult and additional product details.


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