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Available in White, Silver, Black, Light and Dark Wood tones., with or without LED lamps. Extensions available in several lengths.


Contact us for a quote.... and yes, we install them too!

Almost Invisible, definitely quiet...


The 2015 award winner from Energy Star Ratings, this ceiling fan uses 80% less energy than 95% of the fans in the marketplace, while delivering the highest air flow rate. (No sense in buying a fan that does not blow air!)


15 watts of power at full speed  and more than 5,000 cfm/minute of air means it can run 24/7/365 and consume only 360 watts per day,

or only $32.00 in electricity a year (Based on 25 cents/kwh).


The motor is hidden in the housing - snug against the ceiling so there is no possible collection of dust on the motor and the electronics are shielded from salt air and moisture. These blades are color in molded plastic and therefore never need replacing, balancing or painting. It's all plastic..


This fan is quiet ! And we mean silent. No humming, no whooshing of cavitating air.  


Yes they cost more than the Home Depot sale priced metal fans, but compared to the "other two leading brands" the Aeratron fan remains less expensive and performs better than them all!  Here are the energy savings compared to a average fan (using 7-15 watts instead of 120 watts per hour.)





























   By: Aeratron Mexico, exclusive agents in Los Cabos.

Oops.... We almost forgot !  


As ceiling fans reduce the need for mechanical cooling from air conditioners, we have been able to set our office thermostat 2-3 degrees higher, amounting to a savings of around 15% in compressor run time*.


This will more than double our energy savings during the 180 days of  air conditioning that we experience in Cabo San Lucas.


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