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Resource Auditing and Consulting Services


During the last 10 years in Los Cabos, Ecosmart Consultants have audited over 12 Hotel Properties as well as over 20 homes. As a result of our experience we are able to asist each and every customer on multiple levels of resource management, being electricity, water or gas.  In addtion, our library of products suited to the local conditons continues to develop on a daily basis, as we are always "in-touch" with OEM groups and a vast number of trade shows and associations.


Our services can be utilized with existing homes suffering from high energy and water costs, but can also be extermely valuable to new home builders / clients who appreciate the need to manage their resources effectively by installing effective conservation products and designs.


We have assisted clients in determining and resolving high electrical energy use, excessive water consumption as well as improved their hot water production costs.



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