Ecosmart specializes in energy and resource conservation on many levels, and have consulted for premiere residential and commercial clients here in Los Cabos.


The following a summary of products we recommend, sell and install in Los Cabos.


  Water Hydronic Equipment

Pumping-Constant Pressure,Variable Flow

Irrigation Controls / Subterranean Water Distribution 

Wireless Remote Moisture Management

PEX Water Plumbing Systems and Design


Commercial and Domestic Water Heating

95% Efficient-Tank and Tankless Equipment

Pool Heating-Solar and Propane, 400% Efficient Heat Pumps


Water Treatment

Drinking Water Filtering

Black and Grey WaterTreatment Systems to Fresh Water


Lifetime WarrantyLED Lighting

Indoor Ceiling Fixtures / Weatherproof Retrofit LEDs / Outdoor Landscape Lighting


Pool Equipment and Design

Variable Speed Pumps, Controls, Filters, Heaters, White Goods


Building Construction Systems

SIP Prefabrication Systems

Thermal Pane Windows / Self Tinting Windows

U.V. Glass, Ballistic Glass

Roof Insulation


Standby Electrical Power

Battery Back-up / Grid-tied Systems

Gas/Propane and Steam Powered Electrical Generators


Energy Recovery

Laundry Dryer Exhaust, Boiler Exhaust, Steam Recovery

Generator Engine and Exhaust Heat







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