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Pool Filtering and Pumping


A recent U.S.A. based survey showed most pool owners spend more than $500.00 a year in electricity to filter their pool. Among the causes of higher than normal costs are incorrect filter sizing and inefficient pumping equipment.


In past years, D.C. solar powered pumps were popular because they were one of the only choices for off grid homes.


NOT ANY MORE. D.C. pumps and the additional solar panels cost more than 3 times the price of a high efficiency 2-3 speed or variable speed A.C. pumps. And in almost all situations new A.C. variable speed pumps will do a better job of filtering and vacuuming your pool than D.C. pumps.


In addition,there are opportunities to increase your home's overall available power during days of low sunlight (yes we have 20-30 cloudy days a year here in winter).


Look to Ecosmart Technologies to show you the "simple math". Saving you at least 50% of your new investment costs.


Why spend $1,600.00 -$1,800.00, when you can spend less than $800.00 and get the same results?


We use brand names such as Jandy, Hayward and Astral to achieve your level of satisfaction and performance.

Home and Business  Water Pressure Pumping


Water pressure inside your home  can be frustrating and ineffective when the wrong pump is applied to the task at hand.  And waste energy unnescessarily as well.


New water pumping system today focus on Constant Pressure/Variable Flow design, meaning you will always have 40psi of water pressure for your entire shower, instead of that "ebb and flow" when your old style pump and pressure tank need to work together.


These new pumping stations do not require m=pressure tanks, giving you more usable space inside your home, or outside. No more rusty water, or bacteria build up in your pressure tank bladder.


Speak to an Ecosmart Specialist to show you the options available to you today.




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