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Home Automation


Home automation means achieving control of your electrical needs, as well as providing personal security and a peace of mind towards your home and your belongings.


We can install the latest technology into your home, giving you the ability to manage your electrical power consumption, as well as to control almost any light door lockset from your car, or any other location. Even from your cell phone.


Thermostats, music, drapery, pool pumps and heaters are all controlled in a simple and easily managed manner. Intergrated security cameras, door locks and much much more. 


Our whole house security system "piggy-back" onto the home automation format/system, allowing your to understand what is happening in and around your home at any time, from anywhere in the world.


Our system also allows your private or community based security team to monitor your home from their offices where required.


Please contact us for a consultation.


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